Gabriel is a killer for the mega-corporation that raised him, trained in the ancient arts of Bushido.

Hana was kidnapped and forced into a world of depravity and darkness.

When the two meet by chance on the grimy, rain-soaked streets of a frightening future Harajuku sector, it changes both their lives forever. For honor, Gabriel must now face the group of trained killers and soldiers that he swore loyalty to and bloody his white hare katana to protect the young girl and her strange pet.

Dark Angels and wicked assassins wage war in the ruins beyond the borders of oppressed Tokyo in Jisedai!

Step into a future Tokyo lost to the corruption of corporations and greed, where companies suppressed by the government declaration of non-lethal ordnance forbid the open use of deadly weapons resulting in a return to clandestine assassination through “low war” or hidden acts of violence by expertly trained killers in ancient fighting forms taken to extremes through technological advances.

Suzakushin Corporation’s Department 8 trains an elite unit of isolated warriors known in whispers as “The Holy Eight.” Eight killers trained from childhood in isolation to use hand-to-hand weapons, enhanced by experimental science; each one named for the Archangels of Judeo-Christianity. Suzakushin Corporation uses these Angels to carry out murders and espionage on behalf of their board. The orders themselves come from the head of Department 8, the mysterious man called GenBu: The Black Tortoise.

Raphael, Michael, Uriel, Sealtiel, Jegudiel, Barachiel, Jerahmeel, and Gabriel are the Holy Eight Archangels trained by GenBu to carry out the corporation’s demands. But Gabriel has gone rogue to protect a girl, and now the remaining seven Archangels must deal with him.

This is the Angel War

Art By Kenny David
Twitter @Papa_Kenesu

Art By Michelle Walls
Twitter @michwalls_art

Art By Livia Narna
Twitter @ArtByNarna

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