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Meet the Heroes

Dasani Watson - Paragon

Ten years ago, The Greatest Superhero the world had ever known…died. Live on camera, he soared down from the clouds and crashed into a burning building to save its residents trapped inside. The last resident was a young black boy. The building became unstable, crashing down around the hero and the boy.

When rescue personnel cleared the rubble, they found the hero underneath, holding the child to his chest. His final act was a sacrifice to save a life. For many years, the city mourned and that little boy grew up thinking the Greatest Hero Ever had died because of him.

And then, that boy found himself with powers of his own. Superhuman strength and untested invulnerability. He chose to take on the mantle of Paragon, to pay back the hero who saved him and bring peace and justice to the city in that man’s name.

Art by Selppintra (@Hwebtoon)

James Lassiter - Shadowstrike

A military brat. James and his Father’s relationship became strained when the Shadow first appeared. Fearing the monster in the dark, James began to fight it and defend his family from a perceived threat. The General could not understand, believing his son was “going through a phase,” and the rift that grew between them forced the boy to run away from home both to protect his Dad from the Shadow and avoid the discomfort of a home in turmoil.

It wasn’t until years later, when the homeless teen met the new Paragon, that James found purpose again. With a startling revelation about the Shadow that stalked him, James’ foundation of duty and honor began to shine through once more. 

Art by Evelia Arn (@ArtByNarna)

Amelia Price - Crescendo

When her sonic power manifested, Amy was afraid. She couldn’t control it and grew quiet, reserved. The tension inside her pulled her away from her parents, who she felt could never understand.

She fell in with the Deadlords, looking for a place to belong where she could unleash her power and gain respect. She was wrong. For the brief time she called herself “Shriek”, Amy was manipulated by Comedy and threatened by Tragedy.
A chance encounter with Paragon and then-James turned her world around. She found true friends and love with the boyscout Superhero and the gruff vigilante. At peace, Amy renamed herself “Crescendo” and continues to grow into her incredible power.

Art by Elvina Garcia (@ElvinaGarcia_)

Meet the Villains

Comedy & Tragedy

Leaders of a gang of disillusioned youth called The Deadlords, Comedy and Tragedy begin as little more than foils for the blossoming heroes. Yet, behind the masks, there’s so much more to the devilish duo. 
Tragedy is the frontman, commanding the Deadlords and taking pleasure in the pain of others. A violent, cruel young man, Tragedy’s mask is detailed like a cracked skull.
Behind the brash Tragedy lurks the real menace, Comedy. Comedy conceals itself in a hood and plain, white mask at all times. Possessing a wicked intellect, Comedy controls both Tragedy and the Deadlords from the shadows.

Art by Ariana Riley (@WackyThingz)

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